1964 Piaggio

Vespa 150

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Very Nicely Restored 1964 Piaggio Vespa 150 lots of documentation

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 189th year in the classic and muscle car business. A local neighbor wanted us to help him sale his scooter. Man is this a cool dude to see rolling down the street. I was driving and saw a man riding it and was fascinated by it from a distance. I later realized it was my neighbor down the road, and he later asked if we would like to display his scooter while he had it for sale. Of course we agreed! Who doesn't love a Vespa? This is a Vespa 150 that was built in Spain. There is a RZ Mark Two Exhaust that the owner had purchased, but never went through the installation process. This exhaust piping designed by Jim Lomas can tickle a couple more horsepower out of the Vespa. This scooter is in great condition and runs and drives as beautifully as it looks. This will be a perfect vehicle for short commutes or just for fun on the weekends. They get great gas mileage and really go the distance too. This one has a nice little storage compartment on the side. That does lock as well in case you have something important in there. The beige paint is in good condition and matches well with the brown leather seat. This one really has a cool look from behind with the spare on the back. The scooter does have a good bit of reciepts, a Haynes Owners Workshop Manual, and Vesp 150 and Sprint information. One thing that the next owner or first time classic Vespa owner should know is that you have to add 3% of a two cycle oil to the gas. Little things like this could destroy the motor if one was unaware of such a simple yet necessary task. If you are interested in this cool little Vespa please get in contact with us.


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Vespa 150


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4 speed Manual

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