Street Dreams Texas is a First Class Classic Auto Dealer. We do not specialize in wholesale dealings with classics cars, but rather focus on providing our customers with quality cars that are more dependable than the day they were new. As you may have already found out, there are a considerable amount of cars that are not up to the proper standards.

We take great pride in our cars and trucks and have done so since we opened our doors in 1999. Our shop is located in Fredericksburg, Texas and is open to the public during business hours. Please stop by and take a look at our inventory.

We maintain our inventory online to the best of our ability to allow you to see the cars we have available. In addition to these, we have many cars that are being brought into a 'sales ready' condition. What is sales ready you may ask? Well, we go over our cars and work to bring them up to our standards. This includes a detailed 3 page check-in for the vehicles that we get so we can grade them and repair them accordingly. We do this to keep our customers happy; we have an extensive list of loyal customers that have purchased multiple vehicles from us and have been happy with each and every purchase.

We are proud and confident in our grading of the vehicles and we work to ensure what you see on our site is accurate and that you are getting a quality classic auto.

We do not have a high pressure sales approach but encourage you to ask questions about a car you are interested in purchasing.

We are a full dealer and will buy, sell, and trade on all types of classic, vintage vehicles. We will also entertain some late model vehicles on certain trades. Please be aware, we deal in classics and vintage vehicles so we will not be interested in everything for a trade. We also welcome dealers, and in special cases, owners that wish to consign their cars with us.

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