Conoco Ash Tray Ride the Hot One


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Conoco Ash Tray "Ride the Hot One" in Great Shape

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we finish out our 23rd year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always happy to present you with another cool piece of oil and gas memorabilia. This is a Conoco brand ash tray. Which says "Ride the Hot One." With a comet that looks like the Conoco logo. It also says "Hottest Brand Going..." So likely it was produced when they were one of the leading oil and gas companies around. However in those days there were lots of smaller oil and gas companies. Which nowdays have all merged up to capitalize on exponential profit gains. This is a cool piece that looks to barely have even been used. The cool thing is the red hot looking comet where you put out your red hot cherried cigar, cigarette, or other smoking product. The ashtray still has the gold color to each resting spot for the cigarette. Street Dreams can assist with world-wide delivery. Contact us for more information.

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