1935 Sky Chief Texaco Gas Pump


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Restored original 1935 Wayne pump Texaco Sky Chief

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 23rd year in the classic and muscle car business. We are proud to present to you today this 1935 Sky Chief Texaco gas pump. This pump stands at an approximate 6 feet tall and is 2 feet wide and same as it is deep. This gas pump is a product of the Wayne Fueling Solutions company which has been operating in the United States since the early 1920s. These pumps are very rare to find and even rarer to find in such a specific branding. This specific pump style was only produced by Wayne for 1 year. The Sky Chief brand name is a notable product from the Texaco company as it was one of the first specific brands used for high octane gasoline that was sold separate from regular Texaco gas. This pump in its restored state has had all of the internals removed to lighten the pump as a whole and make it more appealing and usable in multiple environments. The paint and glass are all of stellar quality and several rare pieces used on these pumps still remain intact and on display. If you are interested in this item or any others, Street Dreams is a full service dealership that can assist with worldwide delivery, insurance, and financing options. If you are interested in quote, feel free to contact us at (830) 997-1950.

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