Original Restored Fire Fighter No. 23 Pedal Car


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Original fire truck pedal car

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 22nd year in the classic and muscle car business. We enjoy presenting your next dream ride through our website. Although likely most of you have out grown this classic truck. However likely the little one's around you would love this. This is a Fire Engine pedal car. This classic ride is labeled as Fire Fighter No. 23. The little pedal car is carrying some small ladders on the side. Which can be used when the little fire fighters have to get up to the second story of the Barbie dream house, or to get a cat out of a bush. The old fire truck has vents on the side incase you are turning to many RPMs with your feet to let some of that heat out. The chassis is still in great shape. This classic likely has been restored in the last few years. The interior is in great shape as well. Feel free to come by and test drive it if you have serious interest. Thanks let us know if you need a Fire Engine Pedal Car under your tree for Christmas. We can assist with shipping this sweet ride.

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