RCA Victor the Sound Dog


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Original RCA advertising piece

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 21 year in the classic and muscle car business. We have tons of cool memorabilia we have picked up over the years. It is all displayed in our showrooms. However with these crazy times we are having we have had a little extra time to get some things photoed. This is a pretty cool piece. It looks like it was hand made. It is the RCA Victor dog. Who was a Fox Terrier originally owned by Francis Barraud. Who was inspired by the dog peering into the phonograph's horn. The dogs name was Nipper, but the right to the image where adopted by Victor Talking Machine Co. in 1901. RCA bought Victor in 1929, and adopted the dog as their corporate symbol. They later used this symbol to launch advertising for TV's and camcorders. If you have interest in this item please contact us so we can get a shipping quote for you, and get it on it's way.

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