2008 Whizzer Panther


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Welcome to Street Dream in Texas as we finish out our 19th year in the classic and muscle car business. We randomly came across this little motor bike when we were looking at a vehicle. Some times it can be hard to leave a place without picking something up. We have had it in our showroom for about a year. We have been asking $1500, but there comes a time when you have to move on. So we have greatly reduced our asking price. So you too can enjoy a sweet tribute motorbike! The first Whizzer was a motor you added to you bicycle in 1939. They lobbied during WWII to be able to keep producing their Motor Bike so the defense workers to get to a from work. They changed their product line up a bit in the 50's as well as their business name. The bike however was brought back in 97/98 buy investors. The model produced in the late 90's was called "The Classic" model which was the only one in production until 2000. When they started producing a blue one. They continued to improve upon their baby changing color, height, name, clutch, and even adding in the chopper style. This one was produced in 2008. It is the newest model it is a Panther. It has an aluminum 148 cc, 4 stroke single cylinder with side valves. It is an automatic, belt driven, and carbuerated motor bike. It is equipped with a drum brake up front for efficient stopping power. If you have interest in this Motor Bike please contact us. We can assist you with local pick-up or world wide delivery if needed.

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