1973 Indian



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Indian 48cc mini dirtbike with training wheels and windshield Great garage art!

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we get into our 21st year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always happy to show off our cool antiques and collectibles. However even though it is part of the business. We sometimes just want to hold on to these cool items. Just like one would like to hold onto some cool and cherished moments of their past. We like being able to help you remember those days weather it was you parent's sweet new car, grandpa's classic truck on the farm, or the little beginner bike your parents bought for you as a small child. This particular item is the little bike that parents bought for their kids in the late 60's early 70s to get them started on the path to a motocross championship. To quote what seems to be the most reused description of these MM5As "....a mini bike designed for little children (4-5 years old)...","Training wheels were an optional extra that could be mounted on either the axle or the shock mounting bolt. If you chose the latter option, the bike could still be leaned over approximately 25 degrees...", "The top speed was 10-12 miles per hour...","The engine is a 50cc unit made by Morini, producing 1.5 horsepower. It weighed just 57 pounds, and was equipped with a centrifugal clutch...""the MSRO was a scant $249. In fact, the only number that was big was the estimated miles per gallon - a whopping 200!" Most documentation puts the CCs at around 48. The height on this little ride is only 18 inches. So you have to be a pretty small person to be able to ride it. I'm 6 foot I tried it didn't work at all. :( A fully restored MM5A sold at Mecum last year for $11,000. We have a restored one as well that is Not For Sale. This one that is for sale does have compression in the engine. It was on display in a museum in West Texas before it was sold to us. It also has some cool bonuses like the training wheels and the front windshield. This one looks to have all original parts. If you have interest in this mini dirt bike let us know by giving us a call at 830-997-1950, or you can shoot us an e-mail over to info@streetdreamstexas.com. Street Dreams is a full service dealership and can help with arranging shipment for this or any of our other inventory.


Engine Type
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50 cc
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Body Or Basic Color
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Dirt Bike
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50 cc
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Centrifugal Clutch
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Dirt Bike

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