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Collection of hand built model cars from the 60's.

Welcome to Street Dream in Texas as we celebrate our 19th yer in the classic and muscle car business. I had a pair of brothers in their 70's come by the shop and said they would like to sell their child hood collection of model cars. These are amazing and obviously by all the trophies that accompany them others thought so too. The last one was built in like 1966 when they were teenagers. They told me they would buy half a dozen models sometimes to make one. The hand cut many of the doors out to make them open. Many have fabrics inside. The motors are just over the top cool. A couple of them even have swivel seats inside. I used to build models when I was young and thought I did good by cutting mom's thread for spark plug wires. This collection looks just like the cars on the hotrod books of the sixties. This price includes all models and trophies as well as a signed letter from two brothers. This is truly a 1 of 1 find here. This is a cool collection from a gentleman that was an award winning custom model builder. The guys told me that some of their models were sent out to other states for competition. This is a pretty historic find. Thank you for looking.

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