Original Steve McQueen Le Mans Poster


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Original Steve McQueen Le Mans Poster

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 19th year in the classic and muscle car business. We always have neat memorabilia around our showroom. I mean it just goes with the cool classic cars, Right!? This one especially we came across these while out of town on a trip. If you are a classic muscle car guy then you probably grew up hear, watching, dreaming about being this man. The one the only Steve Mc Queen, and no not the red car on the Cars movie! Although at least they are trying to train the young ones to love "Steve Mc Queen" too. These are originals or his Le Mans poster. We have seen the repops of these posters before. However they will tend to be very vibrant. As where these have that slight fade just from being a classic item. This is a great piece to have framed and stick it with you classic cars, in you garage, in you house on the wall. You can't deny this guy the luxury of hanging out inside the house.

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