Harley-Davidson Memorable Paint Display Vacaville, CA 2005


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Harley-Davidson Memorable Paint Display Vacaville, CA 2005

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 23rd year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always happy to present you with another piece or dreamy motorcycle memorabilia. Harley Davidson was started back in 1903 with a 116cc engine that was added on to a bicycle. This didn't have enough power to make it up the hills around Milwaukee. So they continued to improve on the design. Until becoming one of the most renowned motorcycle companies in the world. This Harley-Davidson tank color display is from the dealership in Vacaville, CA in 2005. It has several iconic paint schemes on display some are very recognizable like the Hi Fi Purple with White Panels and Teak Red with Black Striping. Street Dreams can assist with world wide delivery. Contact us for more information.

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