Sinclair Oil Cart Two Reservoir Lubester


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Antique Sinclair Lubester Cart with Two Reservoirs

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 23rd year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always happy to present you with another dreamy piece of memorabilia. This Sinclair Lubester has two reservoirs for oil and has wheels. This classic piece has a cool look to it. It likely has been restored in it's time as the paint it virtually untarnished. However I really like the character the piece has. The Sinclair Opaline signs on either side look to be hand painted. The lids for each section of the lubester have raised lettering and are not perfectly smooth. Which in my opinion also contribute to the old style look that a lubester should give off. The buy a new sticker and put it on there just doesn't have the same appeal. If you have interest do not hesitate to reach out. Street Dreams (830-997-1950) can assist with world wide delivery.

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