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Wagon Wheel Trailer Set Up as a Popcorn Stand Stainless Shelving Inside

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 23rd year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always happy to present you with another cool vehicle you can make money out of. This is wagon style trailer has been set up to sell popcorn out of. This older piece has wood wagon wheels to move it around on. Not that you should be dragging this this down the highway on the wheels. They would surely come apart at 70mph. These are more for moving around the festival or event you are at. We originally bought this with visions in mind, but we honestly have plenty to do just keeping up with the vehicles in our inventory. So this got put on the back burner and opted out of. We were kind of thinking of using it for our Cars and Coffee events we do the first Saturday of every month. The cart or wagon does have stainless steel shelving inside, and a popcorn machine. As well as breaker and electrical set up to run a few other small items. The cart has wood framing around the windows and a fold up wood shelf to serve the products onto through the window. The roof did take a little damage from high winds. To which we reattached it and straightened a little, but again we have more pressing matters to attend with our vehicles. If you have interest in this piece reach out to us. Street Dreams can assist with worldwide delivery if needed.

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