Sinclair Approved Credit Cards Sign


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Very rare Sinclair credit card sign

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 23rd year in the classic and muscle car business. We are proud to present to you today this Sinclair “Dealer Approved Credit Cards” double sided sign. The is sign measures in at approximately 12 inches tall by 18 inches wide and both sides show very bright and clear graphics. Sinclair was founded in 1916 in New York, with the assets of 11 different smaller companies combining into one. Sinclair through the next few years renamed and combined with other companies to eventually be officially named the Sinclair Oil Corporation. Sinclair continued to buy other companies and pipelines until in 1969, where it was acquired by the Atlantic Richfield Company, from which certain assets had to be broken off from the the Sinclair brand. This era essentially ended the bright green and white dinosaur company logo we have all come to love. Although the green and white colors may be gone today, we can still reminisce with these beautiful artifacts left behind from the good ol' days. This sign in particular appears to be quite rare and unique, so it would make a great addition to a collection or man cave. Street Dreams is a full service dealership that can assist with worldwide delivery, insurance, and financing options. If you are interested in quote, feel free to contact us at (830) 997-1950.

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