Autographed The Who's PETE TOWNSEND photo C.O.A.


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Autographed PETE TOWNSEND of The Who with C.O.A.

Welcome to StreetDreamsTexas as begin our 22nd year in the classic automobile business. We have recently expanded our diverse inventory of cultural as well as automotive memorabilia. This print of the famous Annie Leibovitz photograph of The Who's Pete Townsend is signed by the legend and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (# T53372) from the experts at PSA/DNA. Taken in the spring of 1980 after a live show in Oakland CA, this awesome slice of history perfectly captures the intensity with which the musician played. For those who don't remember or are too young, just search 'Pete Townsend windmill' and it will explain everything! Thank you for looking.

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