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Original first aid kit metal box nice shape

Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 21st year in the classic and muscle car business. We have lots if memorabilia around our showrooms on display. However with the down time everyone is having we have not had as much traffic. So we want to make all of our stuff available to our customers around the world. This is a old MSA(Mine Safety Appliance Co.) First Aid Kit. This company still produces first aid kits. This one is a vintage style case. It has of course been used. However you could of course restock it with the necessities for First Aid. This case does have two hinged mounting brackets on the side. Which makes it very easy to put up in a accessible location. This is a perfect piece for any garage. As we all know you get nicks, cuts, and all kinds of bo-bos when working on cars. A way to store band aids etc while adding a classic aesthetic appeal to your garage or man cave. If you have interest in this or any of our other items please contact us so we can discuss payment and shipping arrangements.

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