Vintage Match Book Collection


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Original old match book collection in glass display cabinet

There are lots of vintage match books here. It is great fun to go through them and see the time and detail put into matking them for advertisers. There are lots of old Las Vegas as well as many other vintage hotels and all sorts of fun stuff. Great coffee table piece. It is kinda crazy how I ended up with these. I had a small collection years ago and I am still not sure how the family picked me to give the rest to but it was at a memorial of an older fellow who passed away and some of the family brought me cigar boxes full of old matches. I was like WOW! thanks. I have sold off quite a few of the boxes and just went through and picked out lots of them that I liked and had duplicates of and put them into this neat glass display cabinet and have had them here in the shop on display. My son says "Dad we have too much stuff lets sell some of it" I have a hard time parting with things I think are cool, so that's the rest of the story and Thanks for looking

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