Antique Porcelain Barber Chair


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Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 21st year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always happy to present you with another antique item. This is an old Barber chair. It has porcelain arm rests and other pieces. Likely done by Daniel Acha from the research I tried to do. However I believe this chair was likely made in Mexico. As most of the results turned up in Spanish. Also the round seat is different from most of the ones we have dealt with in the past. The back is not currently fastened to the frame of the chair. Also this chair likely had wicker seat material originally, as that is how the few that popped up in my search showed up. This chair could easily be cleaned up a slight bit and used as a way cool conversation piece or for the chair purposes. We are usually able to easily ship most of our memorabilia. This one although it may be a little more expensive to ship than our other items. We can help in getting a quote to do so. So please contact us if you have interest.

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