1946 Seaburg Jukebox


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Welcome to Street Dreams Texas as we celebrate our 19th year in the classic car and muscle car business. In the last couple years we have started carrying several memorabilia items. We have also revamped our website to allow us to upload and display these items easier. We wanted to be able to get all of our memorabilia up for those customers across the world that are looking for these kinds of items. May it be for you to display in your garage, house, or man cave whatever the case we are here to help you out. This is a 1968 Seaburg Jukebox that does need some TLC. This is a real cool jukebox with the hinged top. It is a good looking piece it just need some help with some other aspects before its a superb piece. If you are interested in the item please contact us. You can ask for Kile.

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