Eleventh Women's Houston Softball Tournament 1962 Louisville Slugger


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Welcome to Street Dreams in Texas as we celebrate our 21st year in the classic and muscle car business. We are always getting ALL kind of memorabilia. I bet you didn't think we had any sports memorabilia. Well you would be wrong. We have sports, music, cigarette, liquor, gas, oil, and even gun related. So anytime you are looking for some aesthetic addition to add to the scene you are trying to set up check us out, give us a ring, or come by the showroom. We have loads of stuff on display besides one or the nicest and largest inventory of classic automobiles. We are nestled in the hill country of Texas in Fredericksburg. This is a beautiful town. That suits us perfectly! This is just a little old Louisville Slugger they handed out for generations at baseball games. This piece has been just been hanging out with us aging a couple more years. This slugger is imprinted with the Eleventh Women's Houston Softball Tournament 1962. So all though this slugger probably hasn''t hit to many home runs. It can give a child a slight sense of safety from scary noises in the house while he hides under the bed. Just saying. Street Dreams can assist with shipping our memorabilia. If you have interest in this item or any others we carry please contact us.

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