Original 1954 Schwinn Black Phantom


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Original Shwinn Black Phantom boys bicycle restored

Welcome to StreetDreamsTexas as celebrate our 21st year in the classic automobile business over the past couple of years we have really expanded our memorbillia collection. I sold this rare bicycle about 8 years ago to a gentleman that had wanted one ever since he was a child. He told me he would go to town and stare at the one in the glass front window of the store. He said they were so expensive back then that his family could not afford to get him one. He had this set up on display in his living room. He decided after that long he would sell it back to me and of coarse I bought it back. This bike has been restored and is an original bike not a reproduction. It comes with the accessories as well. A great piece of American History right here. Thanks for looking 830-997-1950

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